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Virginia’s first plant-based cheesemonger

Located just outside of Washington, D.C., we source the best plant-based artisanal cheeses vetted for taste, texture, and quality. All of our producers ethically create incredible dairy-free products. See product descriptions for specific allergies

Our Origin

C'est Pleeze was created in 2021 out of a love for artisanal cheese without the effects of traditional dairy. Whether you are navigating an intolerance, an allergy, or prefer a plant-based lifestyle you can still enjoy the decadence of a cheese platter with friends and family, grate a mound of melty goodness over your pasta, or crumble in that special topping on your salad. The options are endless. Just when traditional cheese walked out, fauxmage walked right in and re-introduced the delicacy of plant-based cheese.

c'est (pronounced say) French contraction for 'it is'

pleeze (made up term) meaning plant-based cheese